Detail Tool & Engineering Services

Detail Tool & Engineering can complete numerous functions in the fabrication industry that are tailored specifically to your needs. Specializing in custom mold building, fixtures, tool fabrication, gauging equipment, and much more, Detail Tool & Engineering can craft any item that meets the exact requirements of the specs all while upholding a high level of quality. Careful attention to detail is given to every single step of every project, regardless of the size. Starting from the development stage and taken all the way through multiple cavity and high production molds, each step is treated like its the only step. Detail Tool & Engineering is popular throughout several markets including general fabrication, medical devices and instruments, CNC milling and EDM, and custom plastic containers and enclosures.


Here at Detail Tool & Engineering our designers know that high quality molds begin with well-engineered designs. There are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration with every plan, to be functional within as large of a process window as possible, to be designed with maintenance needs in mind, and to be designed for a long production life. When it comes to the creation of a new project the design makes up the crux of the entire process. With Detail Tool & Engineering you will receive expert review and feedback on your designs, concept drawings, or CAD drawings. Through these reviews we will suggest recommendations for improvement to ensure that the designs are compatible with any and every segment that your project calls for.

By reviewing the design it allows Detail Tool & Engineering to provide you as the customer with the highest quality experience throughout the whole process. A major part of our unrivaled customer service is ensuring the best cost, quality, and value all while exceeding industry standards. Whether it is a custom injection mold or manufacturing with our high precision machining, Detail Tool & Engineering will work with your designs and provide you with the perfect match.

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The engineering capabilities at Detail Tool & Engineering are fabricated directly from the design. Quality is conformance to specs, so we make sure that when we engineer the different products they are an exact replication of the specs. This process makes sure that each and every item is crafted to best fit your needs the first time. There are many different products offered here at Detail Tool & Engineering including injection molds, fixtures, gauging equipment, and special applications and support items.

The creation of injection molds allows different companies to come to Detail Tool & Engineering to have custom molds created in order to construct their own plastic parts or any desired piece from the specific molds. At first we will work with you to create an exact prototype of your product that matches the design requirements before commencing with actual operations. When we manufacture fixtures for customers they are given the opportunity to house many different aspects. At Detail Tool & Engineering we are sought after for our ability to craft custom fixtures that exceed the customers needs and allow them the space they need for their specialty items.

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Tooling is the process of providing a factory or an industry with the proper equipment needed for manufacturing. Ultimately, tooling provides us with the way of modern living. Detail Tool & Engineering offers a tooling service that has one goal: To help our customers manufacture various parts as productively and efficiently as possible. Our tooling division allows us to create many different aspects within the metal fabrication realm and has ultimately made Detail Tool & Engineering what it is today.

Detail Tool & Engineering also manufactures gauging equipment that can be used by our customers to attach and insert to numerous items on their end. Gauging equipment are devices that help measure or gauge any type of reading from a plethora of different processes that businesses require. Special application and support items are any type of odds and ends that the customer requires. Being that Detail Tool & Engineering is so versatile within the fabrication industry we can take any miscellaneous task and make it happen for our customers.

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High Precision Machining

High precision machining allows Detail Tool & Engineering to craft custom parts with finely detailed aspects with speed and accuracy all while adhering to the customers specs. There are multiple different processes Detail Tool & Engineering can take to create these items using different tools. CNC Milling is a tooling machine that works by computer numerical controls that tell the machine what to do. In manufacturing terms fabrication commonly refers to operations that are performed on thin plates. When constructing objects that are made primarily of steel sheets information can be entered into the CNC machine that will shear the sheets to size, punch holes in a specific location, or bend the pieces to their final shapes.

EDM, or electrical discharge machining allows Detail Tool & Engineering the ability to heat-treat hard metals so they can be cut, tapered, or formed into unique parts with efficiency to eiiminate machine-burr and perform as extremely high precision. Detail Tool & Engineering's skilled machinists' use state of the art precision utilities that produce very close tolerances in finished parts.

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